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Custom Load Cells & Weighing Assemblies

The Load Cell Source

Measurement Specialists Inc., also doing business as National Scale Technology, manufactures load cells by designing and producing any standard or custom force sensor at a competitive price. Measurement Specialists has been developing industrial weighing systems focused on strain gauge load cells since 1982. We specialize in force measurement solutions within high-temperature environments, center-of-gravity applications, and retrofitting existing or obsolete devices at a low cost.  

With over 30 full-time experts in 3D-CAD drafting, proof-load testing, and precision tooling, your problems meet our solutions. All processes, from prototyping to final quality assurance, are conducted in the USA.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow for devices with capacities over 1,000,000 pounds, operating temperatures over 400º Fahrenheit, and hermetically-sealed envelopes suitable for marine or volatile settings. On-site electrical engineers and technicians allow for customized bridge, excitation, output, and wiring configurations. MSNST manufactures units interchangeable with most other force measurement brands – consistently reporting higher performance metrics in terms of accuracy and durability.


  • High Capacity, Heat-Resistant Load Cells & Pins
  • Custom Force Measurement Device Engineering
  • Industrial Weighing Scales & Systems Calibrations
  • Force Sensor Maintenance, Repairs, & Troubleshooting
  • Precision Machining & Strain Gauge Assembly
  • Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) & Private Labeling